Service Hub has introduced the latest in claims management processing the industry!  Manage, track, service, and process program claim(s) through our unique rules based decisioning system.  Service Hub provides automated decisioning based on your business rules and program(s).  Provide your agents and customers with true time decisioning options and report, monitor, and service your business needs to better drive future business results.

Accelerate your service levels with the use of some of our solutions. 

Benefits Include:

  • Rules decisions based on your program types
  • Simple point and click technology with easy user setup
  • Full transparency & reporting capabilities
  • Claims management by





            Extended Warranty



  • Allow users to make informed “true time” decisions based on program(s) and desired solutions
  • Cost drivers to enhance program performance and future programs

Service Hub allows for value driven decisions made simple.  Manage your programs to profitability and make decisions in true time to enhance your customer experiences.  Use your data to manage your profitability!